Kendall & Schenck Educational Consultants

Graduate School Counseling

Kendall & Schenck has expertise in graduate school counseling, advising Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Juris Doctorate (J.D.) applicants, as well as other graduate school applicants.

Top College Counseling

  • Unique understanding of how to address MBA, JD and other graduate school essay questions and best market candidate
  • Evaluate past experience and academic record and advise how to leverage in the application
  • Research and identify target graduate schools
  • Create resume
  • Assist with interview preparation
  • Recommend required testing schedules and other supporting application materials
  • Provide guidance with choosing recommendations paying special attention to current employment positions

We commence our work with an initial consultation. Thereafter, all in-person meetings and telephone consults are billed hourly. Editing/computer work is also billed hourly. We are flexible and will work with the student or his/her parent in-person, by phone, Skype, fax, and email.