Kendall & Schenck Educational Consultants

Why choose Kendall & Schenck?

Top College Counseling Most high schools have college counselors, so why turn to Kendall & Schenck, an independent college counseling firm? Even at the most highly selective high schools with the best college placement, high school counselors have a limited amount of time to spend with their students which can range from 25 to 50 to over 100 students. They simply do not have the time to spend with students brainstorming college choices and essay ideas, answering all of their and their parents’ questions, editing applications and really getting to know students to carefully craft their applications. At Kendall & Schenck, that is exactly what we do. We get to know the students and are fully accessible to them and their families.

  • We represent an outside resource where you can ask all the questions you want and get all the help you need without negative repercussions or bias from your high school counselors, teachers and peers.
  • We provide expert advice and long-term knowledge of the college application process.
  • We understand that the college application is really a marketing document and, using our unique business background, show students how to most effectively stand out in the process and “sell” themselves.
  • We can assist with every part of the process.
  • We will work closely with your child to stay on schedule and meet all necessary deadlines so you don’t need to. This will help alleviate the pressure that normally arises between parents and their child during this process.
  • 90%+ placement of students in one of their top three college choices.