Kendall & Schenck Educational Consultants

Allison Schenck Biography

Top College CounselingIn 2004, Allison Schenck joined forces with Dr. Katherine Kendall of Kendall & Associates, a nationally renowned college counseling firm founded in 1979, to form Kendall & Schenck Educational Consultants. Schenck has built an extensive practice that includes students from both independent and public schools within the Los Angeles area as well as numerous students from out-of-state and overseas. She travels regularly to colleges nationwide to keep abreast of current programs and rapidly changing school dynamics. Prior to forming Kendall & Schenck Educational Consultants, Schenck worked as an independent college counselor. She obtained her certificate in college counseling from UCLA Extension and did her training in the College Counseling Office at the Marlborough School to complete her degree. Schenck graduated from the University of Michigan School of Business and Columbia University’s School of Business with her Masters of Business Administration. While she attended the University of Michigan, Schenck worked in the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Prior to becoming a college counselor, she worked as an investment banker in New York and Los Angeles.