Kendall & Schenck Educational Consultants


Kendall & Schenck Educational Consultants

Top College Counseling

  • Leader in college counseling for high school, transfer and international students as well as for MBA, JD and other graduate school applicants
  • 90%+ placement of students in one of their top three college choices
  • Personalized one-on-one counseling that tailors the college search to the student’s unique set of interests and strengths
  • Unique approach that leverages founder Allison Schenck’s MBA background to create marketing strategies that brand students and position them for success in the college application process
  • Over 10 years experience

Kendall & Schenck Educational Consultants focuses on assisting high school, transfer and international students with the college selection and application process. We provide students with personalized one-on-one counseling to help them and their families effectively navigate the process, which can be complex and at times overwhelming. Our mission is to guide each student in selecting colleges that are a good match for the student, those colleges that best suit the student’s personality, learning style, chosen course of study, geographic and size preferences, and extracurricular and social interests.

We begin working with students before they enter high school and assist them with choosing appropriate courses and extracurricular activities that match their interests. We advise students on standardized testing and provide them with a roadmap of deadlines and key milestones they will need to complete prior to the actual college application process, which will take place during their senior year of high school. Once we fully understand the student’s background, we can assist in choosing colleges that match the student’s interests, goals and desired characteristics. Utilizing proprietary worksheets, we work with students to create the best application possible that emphasizes the student’s unique qualities and academic and extracurricular background.